Chana + Aharon Tzvi

What a concept: A destination wedding held in Chicago with everyone coming from elsewhere… arranged as a three-day Shabbaton wedding! First the actual wedding at the Chicago History Museum on Friday, then a full Shabbaton at the Hotel (obviously no photos for that), followed by a Melaveh Malka meal at DeskLabs Rooftop Saturday night, and a brunch at the Newberry …

Tzippy + Nosson

An elegant affair at Chicago’s Westin O’Hare, featured so much simcha and movement! I deliberately captured some images using a technique that portrays that movement. A pleasure to work with these families.  

Esther + Mendel

A south Florida wedding in Greynold’s Park, North Miami Beach. Great weather, wonderful scenery, and an awesome couple! Waited 10 years for this one, and it was worth it — so honored to have been a part of such a beautiful beginning!  

Miriam + Tzemi

Even temperatures near zero degrees F couldn’t dampen the spirit!  

Chaya Mushka + Chaim

A very lively wedding in Chicago. So nice to work among long-time friends!  

Raizel + Mendel

One of the first weddings at a great new Chicago area venue — with an adjacent park!  

Shira + Rafael

What a lively, fun-filled wedding! Fire-breathing, kids breaking wood planks with their hands, and — absolutely a first for me — the bride playing some basketball on the dance floor!  

Helena + Jonathan

A fun event that began in a medieval-themed hotel, then moved to a cruise ship on Lake Michigan.  

Mushky + Moshe

A wedding in the Crown Heights section of New York, complete with the chupah in front of 770, headquarters of Chabad Lubavitch .  


In early 2012 I was privileged to be the official photographer at a Matisyahu concert in Chicago. Although not something I normally do, shooting the concert was great fun. And great music!  

Cheap Trick

Tried my hand at shooting a benefit concert that Cheap Trick performed at in 2009. Remember them? Wild guitar collection!  

Batsheva + Levi

A first for me, this Toronto wedding featured a heavy downpour right as the outdoor chupah was beginning! But the show went on, and save for a brief flash malfunction and my drenched back, all was beautiful!  

Michelle + Ira

This wedding was held in a downtown art gallery on the Chicago river, which afforded lots of photo journalistic shots!  

Shainy + Moshe

A fun couple and a beautiful chasuna!  

Arden + Levi

Fashion, style, and lots of gorgeous details. Had a blast!  

Ayelet + Phil

Sometimes a small intimate affair feels just right…. as long as there is love, all is good!